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31218 Prices and Markets - Module Description Tutorial List All Class Material Tutorial 1 Tutorial 2 Answers - Tutorial 1 Tutorial 3 Sample Test Questions Answers - Tutorial 2 Answers - Tutorial 3 Tutorial 4

EC201 Economics of Firms - Module Description Week 1 Marris Assignment Topics Marris overheads Tutorial List Transcosts Cost Notes Cost lecture (powerpoint file) Tutorial Groups with topic numbers TUTORIAL ROOM CHANGES FOR WEEK 11 m&a lecture notes.doc More Merger Notes

EC203 Introduction to Empirical Economics - Module Description Lecture 1 Lab 1 Screen Shots Lecture 2 Lecture 3 Lab 2 Assignment Data (Excel) GDPLab2.xls EUPop_Lab2.xls Worksheet Assignment Lecture 4 Lab 3 worksheet Lecture 5 Lecture 6 Lecture 7 Lab 4 Lecture 8 Lab 5 Lecture 9





31220 Macroeconomics - Module Description(temporary format) Supplementary Notes - The Classical System Supplementary Notes - The Classics on Aggregate Demand: Say's Law TUTORIAL GROUPS Notes on Exchange Rates Classical Economics_Quantity Theory Lectures 8-11 Revision notes for lectures 8-11 CLASS TEST QUESTIONS Topic 1 - The IS Curve Topic 2 - The L-M Schedule Topic 3 - Overall Equilibrium Topic 4 - The Role of Business and Consumer Confidence UK GDP_1948 to 2004_Annual How to Compute an Annual Average Increase Lectures 18-20: Open Economy Macroeconomics Additional Lectures Class Test Presentations Presentation Material - Interwar Unemployment: UK Interwar Macro Data (Excel) The Natural Rate of Unemployment (pdf) Refresh_1989_Eichengreen_Unemployment in Interwar Britain (pdf) OEP_1987_Eichengreen_Unemployment in Interwar Britain_Dole or Doledrums (pdf) OEP_1981_Wright_Britain's Interwar Experience (pdf) Journal of Historical Geography_1984_Jones_The Economic History of the Regional Problem in Britain_1920 to 1938 (pdf) Hatton_Unemployment and the Labour Market,1870 to 1939 (pdf) European Economic Review_1990_Broadberry & Crafts_The Impact of the Depression of the 1930s on Productive Potential in the UK (pdf) Economic History Review_1985_Garside & Hatton_Keynesian Policy and British Unemployment in the 1930s (pdf) 1967 Devaluation - UK Post WWII Macro Data (Excel) Middleton_Struggling With The Impossible_Sterling, the BoP and British Economic Policy_1949-72 (pdf)

31221 Money and Finance - Module Description Teaching Material TUTORIAL GROUPS

EC202 Economics of Industries - Module Description Tutorial Assignments Lecture Notes Lecture Slides Indust1AB Lecture Slides Indust1C Tutorial Groups Lecture Material Industries Part 2 Old VM Power notes

EC204 Introduction to Analytical Economics - Module Description Teaching Material TUTORIAL GROUPS